My Baby Announcement on Bed – Make Birth Share

Pass your mouse on the Announcement Announcement of Bed for my baby, wait a few seconds to see the Share it …

Do Share Before After Announcement Of Baptism seen 17507 times

Tell my baby – Bed Announcement

To announce the baptism of his child have the choice between a small banal card with a text stipulating the date and the place of the ceremony, or something more original and personal, a photo montage with as his little star bout’chou which will surprise and make success with your guests.

First, I extracted the little Sarah-Su from the black background of the basic photo, so I cut it and then stuck on one of my fairy backgrounds that I reworked to welcome the baby on the pretty mushroom to give the the illusion that she is sleeping peacefully on the mushroom.

Secondly, I retouched the photo so that the baby’s color matched the atmosphere of the photo montage, then I smoothed his skin and added a few small shadows.

Thirdly, I finally added the text for the announcement of the baptism of the little one chosen by the parents. The baptism part is now very original. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request to share original.

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