Photo Meme of Jamel Debbouze Matrix

The type of photomontages is obviously able to appear on the movie poster of his favorite film and that’s what Steph did with a photo of Jamel Debbouze. It works with all the movie posters, it’s just that the picture fits the poster, so if you want to see you in your favorite movie contact us.

Photo montage before Jamel Debbouze Matrix seen 46033 times..

More photo editing? so follow the link: Photo montages..

Move your mouse over the Photo Montage Jamel Debbouze Matrix and wait a few seconds to see the Montage before after …

First, the photo of Jamel Debbouze who was chosen for this montage is a photo of this super comic with sunglasses to be able to steal the show to Keanu Reeves in matrix.

Secondly, it was necessary to cut the face of the comic for the superimposed on the image of the poster of matrix. Then as you can see it was necessary to get as close as possible to the color of the matrix image which is more or less bluish. And here is our national Jamel Debouze this finds the main actor of matrix through a photomontage.

Everyone can appear on the poster of his favorite film, it is a very original and very funny gift idea.

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