Photo Montage

Photomontages (or photo montages) are very common on the net and in many professions. They allow to build a tailor-made image. You will discover the diversity of photomontage techniques. You will then have all the keys in hand to carry out photomontages worthy of the greatest professionals thanks to the examples and the tutorials that we will present to you.

A photo editing is often used to beautify a person, but a photomontage can also make us sexier with a body-build body as for this montage of Steph where Jamel Debbouze is transformed into a sexy playboy with a sublime photo of the gods of the stadium.

First, the photo chosen for this montage was not selected at random, it took a front photo that can match the image of the young rugby muscular photo that will serve us for editing.

Secondly, the contour of Jamel’s face was cut out and then integrated into the photo intended for photomontage. Once the face cut and glued it was also necessary to play on the desaturation of the face of Jamel to make the picture in black and white, because the photo of the muscular body was she in black and white.

Thirdly, and finally it took several rotations for the two images to coincide and to make one.

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